4 Reasons to choose Squarespace for Restaurants

If you’re a small restaurant owner and looking to make your presence known in the digital space, Squarespace is the point to start. Before we go into 4 specific reasons why, let’s just gloss over the basics.

First things first! No, you don’t need to know coding to build your restaurant website from scratch. Yes, it’s going to look stunning, as if you spent thousands of dollars on a designer. What’s more? Squarespace offers you a variety of templates that are completely customizable; it even has a ‘Restaurant’ category on its template store.


Within just seconds of getting started on Squarespace, you can drag and drop content, and personalize pages on the template to swap in your own images and content. If you’re are using a page on the template as a base to build your restaurant website, simply add on more quirky content in the form of quotes, videos, audio clips, or more text by layering on the blocks; this can be done in a blink by clicking on the sideways-teardrop on the left. To create a brand new page from scratch, click ‘Add page,’ rename the page title and navigation title to support search engines, type in your description, and even customize your page URL. You can have it either way!


One of the best things about building your Restaurant website on Squarespace is that all of its templates are super mobile responsive, you can also view how your website would look like on any device, at any given time, as you populate content. We all know that your guests are probably going to be looking at your menu on their mobiles, so being mobile responsive is definitely a pivotal feature!


Ok, so you’ve decided to pick Squarespace to build your restaurant website. You’ve even customised it with your brand colours and best-selling-dish-picture on the storefront. Read on to find out 4 quick reasons to stick with Squarespace for your restaurant.


1.       Include your restaurant food and beverage menu on to your website


Use the ‘Menu Blocks’ feature on Squarespace to add your menu that will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your website. Create chic menus that are also SEO friendly, this means, if you’ve got Dim Sum on your menu, and someone’s got it on their mind and they’re desperately Googling for restaurants serving it right now, chances are, your restaurant menu is going to pop-up on their search. Now ain’t that convenient! Building the menu is also easy as pie! (Yes, we are into puns). Simply replace the sample menu text on your template with the items of your menu, and you’ve added your own menu to your restaurant website without struggling with formatting. You can also add more than one menu, meaning there’s enough room for you Breakfast, Brunch, and Dinner Menus, with descriptions on each dish, if you wish.


2.       Sell your food, merchandise and whatever you deem fit, on your website


The Restaurant website you build on Squarespace can be eCommerce friendly. Set up the process to ‘order online,’ add products to your store, create subscriptions for your items, organize your products and tag them, display stock-list to retailers, and even create regional shipping zones. Start by connecting a payment processor such as Stripe or Paypal and then begin processing credit card transactions, accepting PayPal, issuing refunds, and receiving donations.


3.       Launch an online food ordering system on your Squarespace restaurant website


Now that you’ve set up your online store, start receiving orders too. Once you have an order, you can fulfill it through your site’s backend, all the while keeping your customer updated on the progress. You can customize your restaurant’s email notification, handle cancellations and refunds efficiently, and even view payment details. We especially recommend Squarespace to set up your food ordering system, as it allows you to view all your order details at a given time, with a glance at pending, fulfilled, and cancelled orders in one place. Additionally you can add a tracking number for a fulfilled order, add internal notes to give more information on individual orders, or even print order invoices for your reference or to dispatch to the customer.


4.       Take reservations on your website


Make the experience of your customers that much rewarding by directly connecting them with OpenTable, this means they can book a reservation without leaving your webpage. Additionally, you can enable online bookings or reservations to your site with Squarespace Scheduling. With these features in place, get notified via email or phone about the reservations made at your restaurant.

If you need one for reason to be convinced about using Squarespace to build you restaurant website, consider that it may only take you a single day to set up your operations online. Now, how’s that for convenience!







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