Shopify vs. Squarespace Ecommerce Comparison

Shopify or Squarespace? We’ll take an in-depth look into the features, the different customization options and prices of both and decide which website builder is the most suitable for your business.

1-Website design and templates

The first thing that draws customers attention is the design, even if you offer the best products, if your designs are cheap looking, it’ll lead to mistrust, and it won’t attract any potential buyers.

Squarespace’s primary focus is building you a smooth, beautiful website, they pride themselves on having the most beautiful templates out of any website builder out there, and they have over 100+ templates that feature a focus on photographs, bold lettering and a modern feel with the perfect mobile response.

Meanwhile, Shopify has just 8 free themes to choose from and 50 premium templates that range between 140 to 180 dollars, so it isn’t cheap!


If you’d like different fonts, different colors for more of a personalized experience

Squarespace has a style editor that lets you make edits manually with no needed experience of programming languages unless you’d like radical changes. Then, you can add HTML or CSS

For Shopify, the only way to make edits is through CSS code directly.

3-Marketing abilities:

One of the most important things for a business website is exposure; that being said, Squarespace lacks a little when it comes to marketing since you are only able to sell on Instagram, as for Seo, Squarespace provides essential features that will bring you impressions and clicks.

While with Shopify, it offers substantial social media integration features and a higher SEO ranking. Both apps are equal when it comes to email marketing and campaigns.


Squarespace offers 4 payment plans, two of which are for business websites

  • a personal plan with ($12/month) for a simple and pretty website and it doesn’t include Ecommerce support, and it’s most suitable for business websites

  • A business plan ($18/month) for businesses of all types has basic Ecommerce features like pop-ups, advanced metrics, and a 3 percent transaction fee. It’s perfect for testing out waters when it comes to sales.

For more of a true Ecommerce store website, they have:

  • The basic plan at ($26/month) for starting an Ecommerce shop that includes lots of features (shipping, adding products..ect)

  • The advanced plan at ($40/month) for growing your business and taking it to a whole other level includes subscriptions, gift cards, and much more.

All the plans feature 24/7 customer support.

Shopify offers 3 payments plans:

  • Basic Shopify at ($29/month) it’ll enable you to create a fully functioning website

  • Shopify at ($79/month), perfect for a growing online website

  • Advanced Shopify at ($299/month), suitable for business scaling

As you can see, Squarespace is cheaper and optimal for a business website, Shopify is a little on the expensive side, yet it is impressive for an Ecommerce online shop.


Squarespace is easier to use, more functional, light on the pocket, and highly customizable, while Shopify is great for scaling up, better support, and better promotion.

All in all, Shopify is more directed towards Ecommerce stores, while Squarespace is for more of a professional looking business website.

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